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When all think alike, no one is thinking very much!

I have been thinking about having a blog for a long time, but only now I decided to actually create one. I never liked the idea of having a blog because we expose ourselves so much to one another when writing about what we think, feel and believe. Social networks might do the job as long as you don't want to reflect seriously about life in general and share your reflexions with others. 
This blog is for me to share with people of any kind, culture, beliefs and ages what I consider to be important for myself and what I think that helped me so much through so many situations. It's clear that what I consider important to me won't be as important to others or maybe it won't be important at all. But I like to believe that I am sharing something good and sharing is always important. I always wanted to share these things with others in a world that disbelief, cynicism, prejudice, pride and selfishness are still predominant because I want people to think rationally. It's true that preconceptions and doubts will be present, but this is part of thinking outside the box! At times, things can seem hard to believe and hard to understand, but lets give it a go! The interesting part is to think carefully before rejecting any idea! :)

I've read about sorrow today, because that's what I am feeling. According to the dictionary on line, the definition of sorrow is distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, grief, sadness, or regret. I realised I feel sorrow because I have been remembering an episode that hurt me constantly without being able to understand the reasons why that person acted in that certain way that disappointed me. I usually am good at saying exactly what I think and what I feel, unless I've been seriously hurt. In this case, I just shut down and don't want to discuss anything as I feel like I have nothing to say to the person who disappointed or hurt me. This is way worse than putting all the cards on the table, in my point of view. At the same time, I believe that, sometimes, silence is the best course of action. How conflicting! But what can you say to a friend who told you about her wedding four days before it happened? What can you say to this friend that didn't even invite you to her wedding civil ceremony? These are some of the many questions I asked myself. Am I overreacting? Do I think we are more friends that we really are and that's why she didn't feel the need to share this information before? What would make this friend act this way? Why am I so hurt by that? 
I know that it seems a very girlie subject of not too much relevance, but it shouldn't matter. It hurt me. How many times have we got hurt by things that don't seem too rational or really important in the big context? How many times we decide to ignore our feelings or not admit them to ourselves or others? This just contributes to having cancer, my friends! Let's deal with our questions and seek answers, even if it seems embarassing or not really necessary. I don't want to talk about this with my friend. I really don't know what to say. But I believe that the answers to these questions will be inside me somewhere as no one hurts us unless we allow them to. If it hurt me, I need to sort this within myself and not try to add a bad memory to my friend's big moment. But I felt that I couldn't deal with it alone and that's when I found this page in the link below that helped me. It made think about ways to overcome my struggle of the day! Hope it can also help anyone who is also struggling with sorrow. 

Mrs. P

Misfortune, or adversity, from a human standpoint, is
anything that disturbs a person's comfort; anything that goes
against the immediate ambitions in which he takes pleasure.
Man has been educated and conditioned to achieve utilitarian
results. In spite of some religious links that he maintains, his
haste for success often takes him to materialistic achievements which bring him worry, unhappiness and affliction ....
Seen from a spiritual standpoint, however, a misfortune that
would cause a great deal of sorrow to the morally weak,
becomes to those who surrender to God, a spiritual gain for
their immortal life- the real life.
All suffering, or any imposition of circumstances, such as the
so-called incurable diseases, material poverty, or ingratitude of loved ones are signs alerting guilty spirits to their needed
renewal and moral progress.
The tests and expiations we undergo are actually engineered
by ourselves for the reparation of our past faults. The suffering which we encounter and overcome provides the means of our liberation from guilt, and the attainment of a peaceful conscience.
The so-called misfortunes are not really the calamities judged by man's immediate and utilitarian interests. Real misfortune is the lack of faith in God while living in pain
and desperation without the blessed support of belief and hope.
Those who have deceived themselves and their conscience,
and are indifferent to it, despite their intellect and its desire to
overcome instinct, are the truly unfortunate.
It is a cruel misfortune to be faced by the need for
redemption, while unable to do so, and to be continuously
dominated by pernicious attachments. This dulls their spirit and obliterates all hope of the future. The result is a lack of stamina and the necessary strength to acquire joy which is the offspring of submission.
On the other hand, there are those who experience
misfortune but keep their confidence even while in the midst of pain and anguish. They await the help of Divine Mercy; they do not rebel nor blame anyone, and may even glorify love and give thanks for the suffering they endure ....
Through misfortunes, an awakened Spirit can always extract
the blessings of consolation and balance if he remains faithful to himself and to the Creator who created him to be happy.
Many unwarily consider "the loss of loved ones" a true
misfortune when in reality death is not destruction but
liberation. Also countless is the number of people who complain because their loved ones are immobilized with paralysis. They even wish them the blessings of death, forgetting that the paralysis of today is the result of the bad direction they had given to their steps in the past.
There are parents who believe themselves most miserable for
receiving in their arms a deformed, retarded, or feeble and ugly child. They prefer not to believe that Divine Justice is returning to them the one they had harmed in the past; that now he is with them showing the unfortunate marks in a body to suit his expiation and redemption.
There are also those who become penniless and believe
themselves victims of adversity. They writhe in feelings of utter despair when they could resort to the treasures of prayer and patience and then continually work in order to be worthy, and prepare for another phase of prominence. Pain is a warning and a lesson that no one should neglect to heed. Yes, there are misfortunes that elevate people and misfortunes that ruin them.
It is a real disgrace to cowardly abandon the struggle through suicide which is an act of rebellion against God and life. By doing such an insane act, man cuts short his commitments for rehabilitation, hurling himself into bottomless pits of unimaginable fears and unending remorse ....
There is also a comfortless torment for those who take away
the life of a brother in humanity. It does not matter whether this killing was motivated by hatred, jealousy, suspicion, or greed; by rebellion or even for sake of compassion ....
The saint and the apostle, the angel and the good messenger all are forged and purified in the fire of suffering to which they acquiesce and which they overcome.
The task of the Spiritist Doctrine is to immediately prepare
man for these circumstances that are not always easy which he has to face on his way to redemption.
It teaches that each person is the architect of his own destiny, and will receive what he himself had produced; it provides him with a needed maturity to make him aware of the responsibilities of his deeds.
Therefore, pain, grievances, anguish, or despair are the
treatments by which life helps the sick and obstinate soul to
achieve true recovery. This will cause the soul to return to the
high objectives of the Greater Life in whose direction it is even now walking. It will arrive there, at the shedding of the
temporary body in which it was trying to build its happiness. Ahappiness which is only reached later on by a soul that has made restitutions of all its overdue commitments. 

Misfortunes from the book After the storm, dictated by the spirit Joanna de Angelis to Divaldo P. Franco

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